AviSynth version support in avsFilmCutter

14 April, 2007

avisynth logo AviSynth 2.57 is available for download(click the pic). Therefore I will no longer host on the web page the special build of the fixed 2.56 that reports itself as 2.57 from Fizick.  I will maintain this file in my archive, If anyone needs it please let me know.


I can email it to you or post it here, the new web space is plenty big now.

Version support details

A feature added to AviSynth in version 2.52 which allows a program like FilmCutter to gather a list of internal and external / plug-in functions has been broken, see version support details below. Although filter / function names became available the parameter string for externals (plug-ins) was still not working in version 2.56, but is fixed in the 2.57

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