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Add Wipes

"Add Wipes" adds an almost endless number of wipe type transistions.  Using a function written by Stickboy and modified to behave a little more like the Dissolve transition function,(sound optional but not ignored).

add wipes dialog This is very simple, select transition in left hand list and view the wipe in the right window.  When you are happy, click OK button.

Making your own wipe style transitions is easy.  The ones included in the FilmCutter download are low res jpgs and work amazingly well on much higher resolutions.

What you see in the top image is a gradient fill from black {#000000} to white (#ffffff). The transistions run from black to white in all cases.

The lower image shows thin rectangles that go from black to white repeatedly, whichs causes a blinds effect between the prior and following scenes.

Making your own masks requires following a naming convention which of most importance is the "w_" prefix.  FilmCutter assumes that the masks are JPEGs (*.jpg).  The _4_3 aspect ratio part is optional.  When using a circular mask, a 4:3 perfect circle used on a 16:9 scene will result in an elliptical pattern, not that there is anything wrong with that. So make your 16:9 masks, 16:9 to start with, the function resolves the differences.

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