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page updated 1 Novermber 2007         current version beta


FilmCutter beta - 27 July 2007 FilmCutterVer0020beta.zip avsfilmcutter_Source_0020b.rar
FilmCutter beta - 30 May 2007 FilmCutterVer0019beta.zip

Change Log

Version and Support information

The first version of AviSynth to completely support filter / function parameter lookup is 2.57, the level of support varies with different prior versions, see the details.


Alpha versions contain only the FilmCutter executable and support files related only to updates or fixes, download the prior version for all the needed support files.  Alpha versions never survive their respective beta versions and I normally do not post the alpha's source files.

Contact and Support Info

For those who would like to comment, make a suggestion about FilmCutter or need help your email is encouraged.
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or   avsFilmCutter thread in the AviSynth usage forum at Doom9.org

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