14 December 2007

Hello to you few that watch this page.  I wish to note this holiday season and express my wishes of health and happiness to all.  With Hanukah passed and Christmas to come we and I am sure many multicultural families around the world are very busy, a blessing of our times I suppose.

Having admitted to the blessings of the season I will however now suggest that we move to sterilize our children before they reach fertility.  Seems the necessary activity level required by each grandchild rises exponentially with the number of grandchildren one has.  I believe any number over four is lethal.  I swear the next one of my kids to have a kid gets nothing from the will.

And of course to those of you without a sense of humor.  Good wishes to you also.

12 November 2007

There is finally some pictures of the add wipe feature.  The web guide pages are being updated to reflect the new look and the updated features of FilmCutter's new timeline.

6 November 2007

The contest to guess what you see at this link has ended.  Congratulations if you are a winner.

I have added to the site, in place of the bugs page link in the page header, a support page of which the bugs page is now a part.  This page is big fun as I learned how to have a scrolling area on the page without frames.  This may help someone, looking for something, to find it.

1 November 2007

A new month and a new way of disseminating alpha versions, the goal is to keep them from being considered a legitimate version of the program but still make them available for the few that my be interested.  See the alpha page (yep, click me).

29 October 2007

Well I have struck an alpha and when, if ever, I get some feedback I may post here.  For now check doom9.

18 October 2007

Done some redo to the pages here, FilmCutter pretty webpage, pretty.  No dribble but the GUI timeline is progressing.  There have been no winners for the contest announced in the September 24th news, time is running out.

8 October 2007

Congratulations to those whom correctly identified the new feature added to FilmCutter announced in the news from 24 September.

I begin to get nervous when the number of days between FilmCutter version gets beyond sixty, but it cannot be helped.

Turns out that my original revulsion to programming a timeline style interface was justified.  I could have turned to an aftermarket graphics library or something but the drawing tools for the graphics are the easy part.  There are a few traps for those who maybe new to drawing rectangles and lines while working with just the current version of the platform SDK, pay very close attention to the word create, if you use "create" in any context you best look for a destroy or delete to go with it.  I know, I missed that meeting (Microsoft say there was a memo too).

24 September 2007

I have really good news.  Version 2.10 will have a video editing interface that is much easier to use.  The really bad news, I don't know when.  I am holding a contest for visitors of these web pages, those who correctly describe what they see in the screen capture at this link, will receive a free download of avsFilmCutter. smile

Back to the bad news.  Like most of FilmCutter, a lot of this is put together as I learn new (to me) methods involved in the interface i.e. the Win32 API.  I'll keep you all informed about the contest winners.

21 August 2007

The good news, the kids are back in school.  The bad news, the kids are back in school.  You will soon be able to encode directly from inside FilmCutter, Huffy, xvid, ac3 audio into avi files.  I have uncovered the Direct Show versions of the VCM and ACM (what a pain).  Seems about a third faster than the VirtualDub version I use here.  This work is one step closer to me writting my own DV capture interface.  While I am bored with all that I have been ripping the editor apart.  Should be easier to use, faster and less awkward.  Additional information is linked to in the Video Editor's web guide, see "see multiple source editing".

27 July 2007 beta is available for download.  Source is here also.

21 July 2007

Another alpha is available for download.  This one contains a rewrite of the AviSynth routines which includes new code contributed by IanB.  This version should be a paragon of stability.

There is a new preview clip dialog.  Time to update the documentation and strike a new beta.   alpha page

25 June 2007

The secret is out, there is a second alpha available, FilmCutter version alpha 2.  This alpha is mostly a patch for some nasty little bugs.  Windows 98 and ME as well as nt4 users should be able to use the program again, sorry.  The video editor has a new start frame, end frame navigation feature in the row button menu (thanks Andy).  And the move to a later set of development tools has been completed.  Also the project will adopt a different license and go open source when the next beta is released.  Web site has been reorganized a little, all downloads can be found on the download page, now doesn't that make sense.

13 June 2007

A new alpha is in place, all users should use this to replace filmcutter.exe.    alpha page

12 June 2007

The trouble Fizick reported thirteen days ago has been identified and I think resolved thanks to IanB and Leak and Fizick for the testing.  Alpha in a couple of days.

1 June 2007

A Vista user reports good things, but a script with only Version() should work when pressing F5 from the script editor, Fizick says the program crashes.  Please send reports to if you are seeing this. Thank you.

This release, if Fizick's experience is common, is junk. Sorry.  The program is once again laid bare as I do a string and string pointer overhaul of the code.  This has to happen but may not fix many bugs except some kinds of crashes.

30 May 2007

1.9 beta is available for download.  See the change log on the download page.

May 20, 2007

1.9 beta is not ready but 1.9 alpha3 is, to download visit the alpha page.  If the testing of the new alpha proves out, the work to release the beta will resume this week.

May 18, 2007

Frame number error found in 1.8 beta would effect all users of the video scene editor. The alpha 1.9 alpha2 has the fix, will try to release 1.9 beta this weekend.  alpha page.

May 17, 2007

I posted an alpha that contains some bug fixes and code inprovements, details are on the alpha page.

May 12, 2007

I have been working as time permits to get the web site up on this server, while updating most of the documents related to FilmCutter.  FilmCutter has the kindest users, nobody complains.  I have added a bug / issue page, with that I can let you know what bugs I think I know about.  Started work on the multiple source editor feature, watch the alpha page for prerelease details.  Wish to make a suggestion

April 10, 2007

If you are reading this you are not on America Online any more Toto.  Economics of paying big money for a dial up connection so I could watch advertisements while I waited for my mail, just to support this web site,(somewhere, sometime during one on my blah, blah, I freely admitted I was lazy), off on a new adventure, yuck!

FreeHostia - best free web hosting provider

Here we are avsFilmCutter's new home.  If all works as advertised should be a good place to be.

Old FilmCutter mail should still work adds two more

April 4, 2007

Version b is available from the download page.  Needed a new place to start.  There are some major changes and improvements.  I hope you like, if not I hope you bitch. Thanks either way.

April 1, 2007

Just days away from the b release I can announce the new FilmCutter domain is working,, the rest will come in time. is working too.  Garbage collection is on so is working as well.

March 11, 2007
Hope everyone had a nice holiday around the new year.  I be a grandpa again, not always a happy thing, but the wife likes it.  Plan is to release 1.8b sometime this or next month, lots of things are not complete but the project needs a new starting piont.
December 11, 2006
Trouble in paradise, had a counter reset on the site today, doesn'tt look like trouble is anywhere else.  Random data loss, frightening. Work on FilmCutter is painfully and practically not, the work does continue though.  Have a Merry Christmas and a happy Chanukah.  And as always thanks for looking in.
November 19, 2006
Things continue to go slow, he toolbar thing is cool and gives the program a nice look in WinXP though you will not see it.  FilmCutter will be forced to drop the Windows XP "look and feel" because the tool tip functions will not function with the latest version (6.0) of the common controls library.  Although I liked the look of the program I cannot justify delaying the development for the sake of round cornered buttons and a less harsh look, FilmCutter needs the tool tips.  The tool tips should, while annoying to some(I will allow you to disable them), make FilmCutter easier to learn and use.  And you know what that means, the web masters will update ss_02.jpg before I can fix it.
November 03, 2006
Things are going well with "Scintilla", feels like a good fit for FilmCutter's long term needs.  I'm working with the traditional toobar interface that is part of MS common controls and this could bring the filter list to the tool bar with an autocomplete componet. 
October 19, 2006
  Have an early look at the new editor, see the Alpha Page.
October 16, 2006
Scintilla joins the project, the choice of text editors has been made(thanks Fiz). The implementation is minimal, but then the editing needs are minimal.
The short list would be:

  • copy, paste, clear, cut, redo, undo and the like, right
  • some syntax highlighting, maybe a little auto complete(full lexer is a little much)
  • line numbers
Anyone have a favorite coloring scheme they would like to share?  You do know now to email?  Can not tell by my experence.
October 5, 2006
New alpha (FC18ALPHA2) fixed code to allow for audio only AviSynth scripts.
Alpha Page
October 1, 2006
I have uploaded an new alpha to the website, this one deals with wave files.
Alpha Page
Septmeber 20, 2006
The "Web Master" thing below didn't work, I even sent one site a message.  The new screen shot of the scene editor window can be found in filmcutter.html.  Oh what the hell, ss_02.jpg.

September 18, 2006
Web Master dudes or dudettes, please note the change or update of Video Editor/Scene Editor view/mode screen shot " ss_02.jpg ".

It took ten days not three, but here it is.  The change log is longer by about a lot.  Details can be found @ FilmCutter.html.  A very large(big) thank you goes to Alexander Balakhnin (aka Fizick) for all the testing help and ideas, and thanks go to all who keep coming back for more.  Alexander's wonderful contribution to AviSynth can be found @

September  8, 2006

I've had my head in the sand, but for people looking for AviSynth tools look at "New AviSynth tool - AvsP", has an interesting way of adjusting filter parameters.  There is so much in FC 1.7b that I can no longer tell what is an add, a fix or a change.  Few more days, maybe the weeks end.

August  26, 2006

Scrolling news, yup, that is the news.